Founded in 1994, the Falco’s Enterprise with the aim of creating a variety of projects both in the general area of industrial activity, and in that particular oil exploration, to build on the experience gained by its founding members in these specific disciplines.

Already since 1993, before the birth of the company, the future founders had designed and built a machine to the hydraulic system, for handling tubular material from the racks of the tubing park to the work plan of the rig. The new machine was equipped with new solutions more effective and improved safety of those units to the cable carrier, and commonly known, in the field of oil exploration, under the name of “pick-up and lay-down machine”. The car was later sold to service companies are particularly active in this area.

Simultaneously with this project, they proceeded to the study of the prototype system called PGC (PIPES GREEN CRADLE) made below under the name of “L.PGC.” (PIPES LIGHT GREEN CRADLE), a system of lightweight packaging particularly suitable for the storage and transportation to the ground, both for both land and sea, of sheath dresses completion of oil wells. This system ensured maximum safety for people as well as for things, and gave a big increase efficiency in the management of sheath dresses.

Strong experience gained in 1995, put in place a new more advanced model that could respond to specific well-defined, dictated in part by the same customers who had used the first model, and with the creation of new molds for the production saddles polyethylene larger diameter, including those for tubes Ø 9 5/8 “.

The constant updating to the specific context of increasingly stringent safety and environmental protection has led to the development of increasingly sophisticated models.

Today, the new model is available for L.PGC diameters starting from 2 3/8“ up to 20” and was adopted as the standard system for the management of the tubular material in particular for offshore.

The experience gained with the regulations required for lifting and handling in an area so critical as that offshore has naturally led to the design, construction and sale of containers and baskets for use offshore.

Currently we sell and rent containers and baskets of various sizes for use offshore and design and make special containers on specific customer requirements.

Together with the frames for pipes and containers, we are able to provide the associated lifting accessories always certified for use offshore as straps, hooks, shackles and clips for packaging tubes with ropes.

Parallel to this sector, Falco’s Enterprise has also developed a specific sector dedicated to water treatment, with supply and advice on the right type of facility based on the customer’s needs.

Today we have over 20 years of experience and we represent  two world-class companies in the sector such Lakos a company of Lindsay Corporation and Cetco a company of Minerals Technologies Inc.

The fields of application are extremely varied, especially in the

– Oil sector: treatment of produced water with liquid / liquid, solid / liquid separations, consulting services and rental with operators and / or equipment sales.

– Industrial sector: filtration and separation of industrial waters, cooling towers, liquid solid, liquid / liquid separation, liquid pickling, process water filtration.



The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction and the creation from the beginning, for a clear and serene.

At the center of our efforts is the customer who must:

– Have a valid technical advice for the best solution your needs.

– Always be aware of how it will develop the work from design to construction, from assembly to after sales.

– Having the best product, the result of continuous research of the best materials on the domestic and foreign market.


The main feature that distinguishes us is definitely the flexibility to follow the demands of the customer along with the reliability and correctness in carrying out our activities.

The quality is guaranteed with the use of cutting-edge products and solutions that will produce at the same time safe and functional facilities.



Professional competence is added adequate knowledge and experience in the subject of standards, ensuring the highest quality standards required in the design, implementation and maintenance.

The result is a company that operates with seriousness and professionalism ensuring reliability for all its products and all its amenities.


In terms of the quality our company is already in possession of the certification and procedures at all levels of the company in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, R.i.Na and DNV-GL.

DNV LPGC Certificate

RINA ISO-9001 2008 Certificate

Our products, made in Italy, are always at the forefront and meet the needs of clients who prefer quality to save. With packaging systems tubes of Falco’s Enterprise, for example, the model L.PGC, cut down the risk of damage your material during transportation and storage.