Simplicity & Value

Cetco’s Deoiling Hydrocyclone series uses centrifugal motion to cause two liquids having di¬fferent specific gravities, such as oil and water, to separate in an efficient process. The advanced Cetco Deoiler Hydrocyclone separates significantly more oil from water than conventional separation equipment, allowing our customers to operate under more stringent environmental standards and regulations.




The New Standard in Oil/Water Separation

Cetco’s Deoiler Hydrocyclones are engineered and sized to cover a wide range of capacities and applications using standard designs to provide reliability, cost-e¬ffectiveness, service accessibility, and shortened delivery time.
Designed to be highly efficient, compact, and durable oil water separators, Cetco’s Deoilers exceed the various demands of oilfield and industrial applications throughout the world.
Cetco packages its hydrocyclones in vessels or manifolds to specific engineering and manufacturing specifications.







  • High performance and reliability
  • No moving parts and modular construction
  • Lightweight and small footprint

Not affected by fluctuations in motion

Complete skid mounted packages available


  • Oil/produced water separation on platforms
  • Treating ship/terminal bilge & ballast water
  • Oil separation from industrial wastewaters
  • Oil/water separation in chemical plants

Oil removal from environmental remediation