Falco’s liquid/liquid separator

Why to use it:

Removes hydrocarbons, oil and grease from process water and wastewater.

Used as a pretreatment to enable separation without the use of chemical products.

Opportunity to reuse the separated products.

How it works:

The Falco’s separator works on a simple principle
The oily water is pumped tangentially in the widest part: the entrace of the cyclonic separator.
The centrifugal movement of oily water is accelerated as it moves down through the body conical,
pushing the heavier water against the outer walls, while the lighter oil moves towards the
center of the separator.
The separated oil is removed through the outlet at the top of the separator and the purified
water is discharged through the lower part of the separator.

Why this separator is so powerful?

Unlike the plate separators, the Falco’s separator is not based on gravity for separation.

The centrifugal force generated inside the vortex of the Falco’s separator is greater than 1000 times force of gravity.

With such force, even the emulsified oil droplets can be separated.


– Lower installation costs

– High quality construction

– High efficiency of separation

– Small footprint by 90% compared to conventional separators

– Wide range of capacities, from 2 to 100 m3

– full pneumatic functioning

– Minimum maintenance


Oily Water Treatment

Die casting metals                                                                                          steel mills

Refueling facilities                                                                                          fuel storage

Washing water reuse                                                                                   Recovery suet and fat feed

Reduce COD and BOD without chemical additives                              Food production

Recovery tallow and fatty acids from meat processing waters           Dairy effluents

Washing trains                                                                                                Pollution Prevention



Recycling Option
Allows very high separation efficiencies of 5-10 PPM
 Possibility of increasing the recycling timing
– Improve performance and meet future standards 
Oil storage and settling tank

Concentrates and accumulates oil
 Automatic water drain
 Easy and cheap oil disposal
No spillage


Pneumatic functioning

Safe in classified areas
 Reduces installation costs
 Easy to use and maintain


Pneumatic diaphragm pump

 Solid resistant
 Low maintenance costs
 Exhaust air can be used for flotation


Solids filter

Remove debris larger than 2mm
Reduces system blocks


Oil skimmer

Prevents stagnant and smelly oils to stratify
 It helps to remove dissolved hydrocarbons
 Prevents periodic emptying
 Adapts itself to level changes
 Reliable retrieval system