Industrial Sector

Industrial processes often experience heavier sand and solids problems than other applications. LAKOS Industrial Separators are specifically designed to remove these solids from the fluid stream and safely purge them to another location. This helps to: Increase Process Efficiency Reduce


Process cooling towers and heat exchangers often become filled with system impurities, which reduces efficiency and performance. This uses more energy and expensive maintenance is required to manually clean the heat exchangers. LAKOS Separators can keep cooling tower basins clean

Liquid/Liquid Separation and F.O.G.S. deoilator

Falco’s liquid/liquid separator Why to use it: Removes hydrocarbons, oil and grease from process water and wastewater. Used as a pretreatment to enable separation without the use of chemical products. Opportunity to reuse the separated products. How it works: The Falco’s